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New Products

  • Plastic Electrostatic Separator

    Plastic Electrostatic Separator

    Our electrostatic plastics separators use differences in tribo-electrical behaviour to separate( PET /PVC),(ABS/PS/PP),(PP/PE),(PC/PMMA)....

  • Plastic Flake Sorting Machine for Recycling

    Plastic Flake Sorting Machine for Recycling

    Divide the plastic granular or flakes by their color, or pick a specific type of plastic, for example, PET.

    Providing sorting solutions for the recycling of PET and Non-PET plastics...

  • 5HPX-35 Grain Dryer

    5HPX-35 Grain Dryer

    Best drying quality
    Low temperature drying ,quality assurance ,reduce grain broken rate (<0.5%) and grain crack rate (<3%) ,without loss weight, ensure efficient germination rate.
    Higher durability
    Tempering la...

  • Rice color sorter machine

    Rice color sorter machine

    Rice color sorter machine : RGB CCD Optical Sorting Machine, 1-14 Chutes, 64-896 channels. From white rice we sort:yellow,red and green grains,chalky rice,discoloured and immature rice,black spotted grains with spot less than 0....


  • X-ray Color Sorter Machine

    It is suitable for the detection of bulk materials such as kernels,nuts,cereals,beans,grain,dehydrated vegetables,etc.It can identify and eliminate the malignant impurites such as glass,metal ,stone,calcified bones mixed in the product.To further enhance the product quality of food companies to protect the escort....

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