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  • Industrial Color Sorter

    Industrial Color Sorter

    Belt-type sorter
    Coffee cherry color sorter /Plastic color sorter/Glass color sorter/Cashew nuts color sorter/Coconut flakes color sorter, With color and size sorting function....

  • Complete Set of Rice Milling Equipment Series

    Complete Set of Rice Milling Equipment Series

    MCTP15-120T complete set of rice milling equipment is a complete set of continuous production equipment which is composed of a deduster, a stoner, a rice huller, a husked rice separator, a rice mill, a polisher and rice grading process...

  • Air-Spraying Emery Roll Rice Whitener

    Air-Spraying Emery Roll Rice Whitener

    1. Novel design and reasonable structure.

    2. Built-in motor minimizes installing space with safety and reliability

    3. High yielding and ideal effe...

  • Rationed Packing Machine

    Rationed Packing Machine

    New controller with high precision. working stable. can display the total weight. number of package. easy operation.

    The adaptive software. having the function of automatic control parameters setting, Automatic drop revising. ov...

  • Double-Body Paddy Separator

    Double-Body Paddy Separator

    1. High yielding and strong separation capability.

    2. Compact structure and smooth operation.

    3. Sieve made of top quality stainless steel therefore it is robust and smooth....

  • Destoner


    The destoner is used in rice milling plant and animal feed plant to remove the stones from material. Separates the material and stones automatically by air pressure and vibrating range. The material and stone moves to opposite direction ...

  • 5HPX-35 Tahıl Kurutucu

    5HPX-35 Tahıl Kurutucu

    Best drying quality
    Low temperature drying ,quality assurance ,reduce grain broken rate (<0.5%) and grain crack rate (<3%) ,without loss weight, ensure efficient germination rate.
    Higher durability
    Tempering la...

  • Çok fonksiyonlu renk sıralayıcı

    Çok fonksiyonlu renk sıralayıcı

    RGB Multifuction Color sorter machine ,Lentils Color Sorter /Nuts Color Sorter/Seeds Color Sorter/Wheat Color Sorter/Maize Color Sorter/Coffee Beans Color Sorter/Mung Beans Color Sorter/Dal Chana Chickpea Co...

  • Pirinç Renk Ayırma Makinesi

    Pirinç Renk Ayırma Makinesi

    Rice color sorter machine : RGB CCD Optical Sorting Machine, 1-14 Chutes, 64-896 channels. From white rice we sort:yellow,red and green grains,chalky rice,discoloured and immature rice,black spotted grains with spot less than 0....


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