Anhui Hightech Grain Machinery Co.,Ltd

Why Us?

We are dedicated for quality delivering the choice of preference of our products includes:  

  • Superior quality equipment
  • Wider range available
  • Highly Accurate and Reliable
  • Upgraded infrastructure base
  • Wide distribution & Servicing network


  • 1. We show our presence in China and around the globe!
  • 2. We adhere to the principle of Customer priority, encourage employees to care about customer demand, and provide solutions for both domestic and overseas customer. 
  • 3.We have over 50 after-sale service staff, with our service penetrating to prefecture-level city, and provide 24h door-to-door prompt and thoughtful service for customers. 
  • 4.We provide customer with one year free repair and maintenance for complete machine, and prompt professional training and technical guidance, which fully embodies our service mode featuring fast response, timely maintenance and follow-up coordination. 

Service commitment:

  • One year free repair and maintenance for complete machine, 24h door-to-door fast response, 7x24h consultation service, 
    Establish user file for follow-up service.
  • One-year free maintenance and care of the complete machine
  • 24-hour door-to-door fast response
  • Provide the user consultation service of 7x24 hours
  • Establish the user files, and execute the track service