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New Products

  • Plastic Electrostatic Separator

    Plastic Electrostatic Separator

    Our electrostatic plastics separators use differences in tribo-electrical behaviour to separate( PET /PVC),(ABS/PS/PP),(PP/PE),(PC/PMMA)....

  • Plastic Flake Sorting Machine for Recycling

    Plastic Flake Sorting Machine for Recycling

    Divide the plastic granular or flakes by their color, or pick a specific type of plastic, for example, PET.

    Providing sorting solutions for the recycling of PET and Non-PET plastics...

  • 5HPX-35 Grain Dryer

    5HPX-35 Grain Dryer

    Best drying quality
    Low temperature drying ,quality assurance ,reduce grain broken rate (<0.5%) and grain crack rate (<3%) ,without loss weight, ensure efficient germination rate.
    Higher durability
    Tempering la...

  • Rice color sorter machine

    Rice color sorter machine

    Rice color sorter machine : RGB CCD Optical Sorting Machine, 1-14 Chutes, 64-896 channels. From white rice we sort:yellow,red and green grains,chalky rice,discoloured and immature rice,black spotted grains with spot less than 0....


  • Plastic Infrared Color Sorter Machine

    While you have same color plastic ,how to separate them ? We can help you .Our plastic Infrared color sorter has Infrared cameras ,which can separate them by a professional way .It is capable of identifying polymer materials by type. This device distinguishes and sorts plastics by the difference in infrared emitted from different plastics....

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