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With the development of economy and the improvement of living standard, the demand for food quality is becoming higher and higher. For rice processing enterprises, improving production and quality, taking the quality line and creating their own brands are also the only way to avoid being eliminated in the international competition. Both from meeting the needs of consumers, or from the long-term development of enterprises, the current domestic and foreign rice producers will be added color sorter as an important indicator to improve the quality of the grade. Hefei Growking Optoelectronic Technology Co.,Ltd. came into being in such a background.

Hefei Growking Optoelectronic Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in Anhui, Hefei Province in early twenty-first Century, and has been dedicated to R & D and production of color sorter. We have superior processing machine ,we quickly became a leader in the domestic market, but also become a preferred supplier of more than 40 including Russia, Hongkong, India, Sri Lanka and other countries or regions. In the process of growing up,Hefei Growking Optoelectronic Technology Co.,Ltd.continue to absorb fresh blood in existing products, and have expanded in open areas, through scientific and technological innovation has always been to improve the quality of human life is the first vision.

Hefei Growking Optoelectronic Technology Co.,Ltd. production of M series color sorter, all use high-resolution 2048 pixel CCD camera, high stability, long life LED light source, Italy original Matrix or domestic high stability spray valve. Based on photoelectric principle to observe the different wavelength (color) of the material, the defective products or magazines (such as yellow grain, found in spots, stone, glass, plastic rope, etc.), the system can rapidly stimulate the injection device, emits a short compressed air, which will be defective or blown out impurities. In order to improve the operation stability of the equipment, the equipment adopts full closed system precision, ventilation and cooling system filter, and a simple LCD touch screen, operating system perfect, help expert system, realize the man-machine dialogue. Not only that, the M color sorter, which provides color selection solutions for the rice market, has the high precision and high purity color selection performance of the high crystal photoelectric technology Co., Ltd., with smaller output and higher output. In the price also has incomparable advantages, is a set of high performance and cost-effective in a "double high" products.

Believe that to bring the highest purity products .GroTech M series rice color sorter, will be the first choice for rice processing.